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I understand the charges for Slip Rental and/or Storage Fees at PDPM do not include insurance coverage to protect my boat for any loss or damage due to fire, theft or any other cause. I also understand that Port Dalhousie Pier Marina does not provide such coverage.



The Owner represents and warrants that there are insurance policy or policies currently in force which shall continue in force throughout the term of this Agreement in connection with the Ownership and operation of the Boat having limits of not less than $1,000,000 for third party liability including bodily injury or death to any number of persons in any one accident and property damage.



These Terms & Conditions apply to all persons, at all times, who rent slips &/or store their vessel at PDPM. It is your responsibility to read and understand these Terms & Conditions. Failure to do so does not exempt you from any liability to PDPM and is at your own risk. If your vessel remains berthed at your slip or stored in our yard or parking lot for a period longer than 1 hour after initial berthing &/or storing, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms & Conditions and have agreed to comply with them.



During the Usage Period, you are entitled to use your slip and all other facilities provided at PDPM.


You can only use your slip for berthing your vessel. Prior to berthing, you must obtain PDPM's permission to berth the vessel you intend to berth.

While berthed at PDPM, your vessel can only be used for personal recreational purposes. You must not use the vessel for commercial activities or to make financial gain without PDPM’s prior permission (which may be given subject to additional terms and conditions, including a requirement to pay a commercial use surcharge).


No part of your vessel, when berthed at the slip, is allowed to extend beyond the physical confines of the slip except as stated in the rental agreement. If this occurs because you have misrepresented your vessel’s dimensions to PDPM, PDPM may either immediately terminate your right to use your slip without compensation, or relocate your vessel to a suitably sized slip and require you to pay additional charges.


The Owner agrees that he/she will not make or permit any unlawful, improper, noisy or otherwise offensive use of the Marina property. The Owner agrees to conduct himself/herself in compliance with all Rules and Regulations of the Marina. The Owner shall ensure that his/her invitees, crew, family members and guests conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Marina. Disorderly conduct by any Owner/Tenant or their visitors that might cause harm to any other person or damage property or harm the reputation of PDPM is prohibited. The Marina shall have the right to amend the Rules and Regulations as it deems appropriate and such amendments shall be effective upon being posted at the Marina premises. The Marina shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement if the Owner or his/her invitees, crew, family members or guests fail to comply with the Rules and Regulations.


No fuel, oil, lubricants, sewage or other waste shall be pumped, poured, or dumped into the waters of the Marina or Lake Ontario. Waste from refinishing work is to be disposed of by the owner in proper manner away from the Marina.



Speed: Vessels being operated in the Marina will cause no wake and will obey "Rules of the Road".

Motors: Auxiliary motors on sailing vessels must be used within the Marina; Sailing of any vessel in the Marina is prohibited.

Right to Board: PDPM reserves the right to board any vessel in the event of any unsafe condition causing a prospective hazard to the Marina or surrounding vessels.

Lines: All boats shall be moored in a safe and secure manner on cleats with strong mooring lines. Dock lines shall be maintained in a safe and non-chafed manner and be of adequate size for the vessel. All vessels shall be moored with a minimum two point tie up. Spring lines are recommended. PDPM will make every effort to contact Owner/Tenant regarding unsafe lines. In the event PDPM deems the Owner/Tenant’s mooring lines to be unsafe, PDPM may replace said lines and the Owner/Tenant shall pay all costs associated therewith.

Sunken Vessels: If any vessel sinks within the Marina, Owner/Tenant must immediately take action to remove the vessel. If Owner/Tenant fails to take immediate action, PDPM will do so and Owner/Tenant shall pay all cost incurred in such removal.

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